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Semiconductor Processing Equipment - MTI spinners
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  MTI FlexiFab Coaters
  MTI FlexiFab Developers
  MTI FlexiFab Scrubbers
  MTI Spinners
  MTI Spin Coaters
  Millipore Pumps
  IDI Pumps
  Solitec Pumps
  Trebor Pumps
   Apply Tracks

  Flat Type Chucks
  O'Ring Type Chucks
  Recessed Chucks
  Centering Devices
  Programmable Temperature Control
  Contact Bake
  Proximity Bake
  Photoresist Processing Systems
  Metal Lift Off

At Solitec, all of our personnel are committed to prompt professional service whether your requirements are for a single spare part or a complete system. We serve over 1000 world wide customers, including some of the largest semiconductor manufacturing companies in the world as well as many universities and R&D Centers. We will continue to invest in product development to improve our product both in technology and productivity

Disclaimer: All specifications, features, services and products are subject to change at anytime.

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